Ster van Zwolle

Ster van Zwolle

Competition rules 60th Craft Ster van Zwolle

1. The 60th International Craft Star of Zwolle, hereinafter referred to as the competition, will be organized on Saturday, February 29, 2020 by the Stichting Sport Evenementen, hereinafter referred to as the organization. The organization is also the holder of the competition license and has the necessary permits. The license and permits can be seen at the secretariat of the organization: Postbus 150, 8090 AD Wezep, tel. +31 38 376 5511 or GSM +31 6 5349 6103.

2. Participants in this competition are Dutch and foreign UCI Continental teams, 10 promoted club (combination) selections from the 2019 Club and Top Competition, supplemented by five foreign club teams.

3. Teams can participate with a minimum of five and a maximum of seven riders in this race (distance 180 km after neutralization).

4. Registration via: Cycling Service BV, Hoofdstraat 8, 5109 AC’s Gravenmoer (Holland)

5. The race will be run according to the regulations, annual decisions and instructions of the KNWU and the UCI. Penalties are subject to the rules of the UCI.

6. The participants are expected to be aware of the route, regulations, provisions and instructions of the UCI, KNWU and the organization.

7. If the regulations refer to the permanence, this means Landstede, Dokterspad 2, 8025 AW Zwolle. The permanence is open from 8.15 am to 6 pm.

8. The issue of back numbers and frame numbers is in the permamence (Landstede, Dokterspad 2) from 8.30 am to 9.30 am. The team leader receives the back numbers and shows his own license and issues the licenses of the riders.

9. Changing rooms and shower facilities are in the permanence (Landstede, Dokterspad 2, 8025 AW Zwolle). Massaging is not permitted in the dressing rooms, but in specially equipped areas. The riders keep the changing room and shower room clean and deposit waste in the designated bins.

10. The team leaders meeting is in the permanence at 10 a.m. During this meeting the team leaders also receive the serial number for the car.

11. The jury meeting is in the permanence at 10.30 am and immediately after the competition.

12. The equipment for radio communication is distributed next to the main entrance of the permanence from 9.45 am. After the competition the equipment must be returned to the same place as quickly as possible. The equipment works on 12V DC. 24V DC is not allowed.

13. The frequency of ‘Radio Tour’ is 155.9375 Mhz

14. Official trailers, equipped with radio equipment and KNWU strips, line up for a joint departure to the start. Make sure you are on time and follow the instructions of the jury, organization and police. The KNWU strips are provided by the organization and / or the race leader. Following cars that are seated in the caravan without the permission of the jury or organization will be removed by the police after consultation by the jury.

15. The definitive start list is available from 11.45 am (or earlier if possible) in the permanence and at the start on the Grote Kerkplein in the Zwolle city center.

16. From 11.30 am to 11.55 am the riders can sign the starting list at the official starting point on the Grote Kerkplein in the center of Zwolle.

17. The riders follow the instructions of the microfonist. The start is at the Grote Kerkplein in the center of Zwolle.

18. The start is exactly at noon. All riders are required to be at the Grote Kerkplein 15 minutes before the start, with the back number. The frame number must also be mounted correctly.

19. The race officially starts after 3.2 kilometers of neutralization.

20. There are two neutral material cars and a neutral material engine in the competition. Borrowed material from neutral cars / motorcycles must be returned as soon as possible (within half an hour) after the race.

21. The two broom wagons (construction company Beverwijk) are recognizable by the brooms on the car.

22. The riders and supervisors are obliged to follow all instructions from the police, jury, officials and the organization. Ignoring the instructions can result in a start-up ban or disqualification.

23. Traffic controllers with a yellow flag and a whistle are posted by the organization at as many dangerous points as possible. The riders are expected to be careful in these places.

24. During the race the normal traffic rules apply. Among other things, this also means ’take’ roundabouts on the right.

25. The feeding is between 73.2 and 73.6 km. Beginning and end is indicated to the right of the road with signs ‘start care’ and ‘end care’.

26. 200 meters before the finish, cars that are not allowed through the finish turn right onto the Dokter Spanjaardweg.

27. The finish is at Ceintuurbaan in Zwolle at around 4.10 p.m.

28. In accordance with art. 1.2 112 of the UCI regulations, the following riders will be on the podium within two minutes of the finish:
– the first three arriving
– the most combative rider
The riders must then also be available for a possible press conference.

29. Only people with a special accreditation are allowed close to the finish.

30. The anti-doping regulations of the UCI are fully applicable to this competition. The anti-doping check takes place in a specially equipped room in the permanence (Landstede, Dokterspad 2, 8025 AW Zwolle).

31. The prize scheme is UCI 1.2, which is paid by Cycling Service.

32. A time limit of 8% is applied to the time of the first rider. This time limit can be increased or decreased by the jury in consultation with the organization and the police.

33. In all cases not covered by the regulations of the UCI, KNWU or this Technical Guide, the jury decides on competition technical matters or the organization.

34. The organization is not liable for accidents or damage to riders, supervisors, followers or third parties before, during or after the race.